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On Friday, February 24, 2023 – the first anniversary of the second phase of the Russian Federation’s illegal invasion of the democratic nation of Ukraine, a coalition of volunteers will come together in San Francisco to raise funds for a variety of critical needs in the country through an artistic performance. Attempt To Focus is a site-specific performance series that uses meditation, stillness, intention in thought, and mindfulness to manifest a goal.
The idea of the series is inspired by the belief that one succeeds in one’s head many times over before overcoming a challenge. In Attempt To FocusRebuilding Ukraine, we envision a future where Ukraine wins, there’s peace, and Ukraine has everything it needs to build infrastructure better and greener than it had before. We envision a Ukraine where the Ukrainian people have everything they need to heal and feel safe, again. 
Where: Civic Center Plaza
When: February 24th at noon
Who: wear all white (be prepared for them to get paint on them). We will have blue and yellow strips of fabric to tie onto our bodies in our preferred ways.
What we will do: (1) We will each contribute with at least a brush stroke in painting an enlarged replica of the Ukrainian Flag, creating a focal point for us. Our clothes will get paint on them, so wear clothes that you are ok with that result. White. (2) We will sit or stand facing the image of the flag and meditate. (3) Our mantra will be: Ukraine is in peace, they have one the war, and they are rebuilding into a stronger Ukraine.